Vital Scenes Productions Inc.                      

Music Video, Preview & Documentary

As partners and co-owners of Vital Scenes Productions, Ken Petersen and Catherine Kinsman have combined their talents to produce a variety of programs that include music videos, short films and documentary programs including the award winning educational doc, Where Whales and Humans Meet (WWHM).  Ken is also a Gemini nominated editor who has worked extensively in film and television on such productions as 22 Minutes, Remedy Me and Here I Am: Denny Doherty of The Mamas & The Papas. Catherine, in addition to writing and story editing for such TV productions as Racing the Wind and Dreamwrecks, was writer, co-producer and music composer for WWHM, several environmental and animal welfare short films and music videos. Catherine is co-writer of the song, We’ll Find A Way. In addition to the music video, Vital Scenes has supported the We’ll Find A Way project by producing an engaging preview and behind-the-scenes short film.

Ferguson Music Productions

Audio Recording

Scott Ferguson is a music producer and owner of Ferguson Music Productions, who began his studio after an inspiring seven year tenure as drummer for The Rankin Family. Previously, Scott honed his skills at St. F.X. University, receiving an honours degree in jazz performance and spending several years as a session player/freelancer. Since opening his studio, Scott has enjoyed producing recordings for artist such as Hal Bruce, Ian Sherwood, Charlie A'Court, Ryan Cook, Dream For Real, JD Clarke, Jeri Brown, and "United Songs 1, 2 and 3" for You Tube phenomenon Dave Carroll, to name a few.

Scott Ferguson

Catherine Kinsman

Ken Petersen

The Producers

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